Sunday, July 5, 2009

On lovers, dogs, and dog lovers

Paris is for lovers- or is that Vermont? Ever since the DVR was introduced, I've fallen behind on commercials. Paris is also for the dogs. My neighborhood in Montmartre is full of well mannered and well maintained pooches. I'd love to share a picture but I haven't worked up the nerve to take one yet. It seems a little creepy taking a photo of someone else's dog- kind of like taking a picture of someone's child that you don't know. Most owners don't even use a leash- their dogs just obediently follow them. How unlike our three mongrels. Not that they would care to walk anyways- they're strictly air-conditioned couch potatoes. Apparently the Texas heat doesn't suit them.

I miss my husband and my mongrels. When I studied in Spain in college, I remember vowing that I would return one day with someone I loved. PDA was rampant in Spain and could be a little depressing if you were unattached. Thankfully Paris isn't quite as PDA prone as I remember Madrid to be. Still, it would be nice to have Eric by my side. Since we knew school would occupy the majority of my time, we decided it wasn't practical for him to visit if we'd only see each other on the weekend. Right now, I wish we weren't so practical...

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