Monday, July 6, 2009

Put a fork in me- I am done!

Six hours in the kitchen today- on top of three hours in class. Oh, and I'm just getting home at a quarter till eleven and I have to leave for school again no later than 7:30am in the morning. Somehow, I thought this would be more fun. When do we get that part? So far, I've just experienced anxiety and near panic attacks- trying to perform under the watchful eye of a Chef who is yelling in French that you have two minutes to get your pastry into the oven will do that.

And look at the god-awful thing we had to make first today. It's called Saint-Honore and I think it's disgusting. But then I don't care for a pile of choux dough and Chantilly cream. Sorry if I'm cranky tonight- the stress and pressure is catching up with me. I'm sure when I look back on this in the future, I'll laugh and think what a great experience. Someone remind me about the panic attacks so I don't get any ideas about taking the Intermediate Class!


  1. first time making the choux pastry dough for this week's whipped challenge and boy is it nasty. making not even want to venture into the st. honore or classic pierre herme desserts. hmmm, whats that all about girly!

  2. Choux can be tricky, for sure! I'm going to keep an eye out for your next challenge. You stumped me this time- I just couldn't think of any pastry to make with the combo.