Monday, October 5, 2009

All Good Things Must Come to an End: Blueberry Tart

Summer has already officially ended but I had to sneak in one last summer fruit recipe. I made a honeyed yogurt and blueberry tart with a ginger and graham cracker crust and I'm going to enjoy every bite before switching over to more fallish treats. I'm looking forward to the season change. Fall comes late in central Texas and I can't really get into cooking for the season until the temperature changes. Maybe the cooler weather is on its way south- according to friends' updates on FaceBook it's already snowing in Toronto and it's chili weather in Missouri.

I was kicking myself about procrastinating and fretting about missing the high blueberry season. Turns out the blueberries were fine and still pretty tasty. This batch of berries is from Michigan, the second largest domestic blueberry producer (Maine is # 1). When I think of Michigan exports cars, Motown, and Michael Moore come to mind, not fruit. I was just as shocked when I ate my first tomato from New Jersey and found it to be better than most others I'd ever tried. I don't know why I was so surprised since Jersey is known as the Garden State (despite the Sopranos-style, mobbed up caricature we've all become accustomed to seeing on our TV screens).

On a sad note, I learned that Conde Nast is pulling the plug on Gourmet Magazine from a link David Lebovitz posted on FB. My magazine stack is rapidly shrinking and not by my choice. It has been a bad year for my favorite periodicals - first Domino and now Gourmet. Happily, a Domino offspring, Lonny Magazine, is now available online. It's not quite the same (see previous post on tactile sensation) but it's better than nothing. Gourmet's website will remain up so that is some consolation. I will so miss the wonderful pictorials the magazine featured every month. The photography and styling was always amazing- Gourmet was like the Vogue of food mags, in my opinion. The November issue will be my last chance to savor those photos. I'll be anxiously checking my mailbox for the next week or so until it arrives.

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