Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Road of Excess... (you know the rest)

I was talking to my Aunt Shelley (whom I was named after) last night and she casually mentioned that she and my mom were going to have an oyster eating party today. As if oyster eating parties are a normal, every day kind of thing that needed no explanation. Which they are not…

So I proceeded to ask her exactly what an oyster eating party entailed. She breezily explained that about once a year she and Mom get together to fry up a mess of oysters and then sit and eat them until they’re all gone. She went on about how particular they are that the oysters are fried just so and how they only use flour and not the more customary corn meal because they believe a flour batter makes the oysters more more light and golden - obviously highly desired traits for any fried delicacy. And apparently most of the party conversation, when it can occur between all the scarfing of oysters, revolves around the fact that they have already eaten far too many fried oysters and ought to be shot before eating another. Really, they shouldn't. But of course they do eat another… and another, until every last one is gone. I laughed myself silly because I could just picture those two sitting around eating oysters until they were miserably full.

As soon as I got off the phone, I ran to tell Eric about the oyster eating party and the funny, peculiar ways of my family members. He just gave me a weird look. And then it hit me… I'm just like them!

I've been known to go on odd jags where I eat the same dish for days in a row because I had such a craving, the kind of craving that couldn’t be satiated until I made myself sick. A certain mushroom tart comes to mind – the one that I ate at least twice a week while in Paris and that l couldn’t wait to get home and faithfully recreate. I guess it’s in the genes. 

Oh my! I can already predict an oyster eating party in my future.

*the picture is of the long, winding dirt road that leads to the home where my mom and her sister grew up 


  1. Please invite me to your party... yummy yummy oysters

  2. First I have to learn the patented family technique. I'll get on that next time I'm home!