Friday, October 8, 2010

Macaron Making with MisoHungry

Jennie at MisoHungry and I got together last weekend to team up on a little macaron making. As I had hoped, Jennie helped push me out of my comfort zone of flavors and we wound up making some really intriguing combinations.

When I arrived at her house, she was ready to go with enough provisions to make a mountain of macarons and she had a cornucopia of flavors and liqueurs available for our use. I felt like a kid in a candy store, only an adult candy store since Jennie was serving alcoholic beverages. We each picked out three flavors and set to work. Jennie uses Tartelette’s recipe, which I hadn’t tried before, but I’m always glad to add another good macaron recipe to my repertoire. It’s a keeper!

Here’s the line up of flavors we made:

  • toasted coconut macs with nutella filling
  • mint macs with nutellla filling
  • mango macs with a St. Germain liqueur buttercream
  • orange flower water macs (didn’t bother filling since the shells were such a bust)
  • rose flower water macs with a macadamia liqueur buttercream
  • banana macs with nutella filling
(If you’re noticing a pattern here- yep, we like nutella!)

I got a little heavy handed with the orange flower water and most of that batch had to be thrown out since they flattened into puddles that baked up to a brick-like consistency. I’m glad I tried banana and rose flower water macaron flavors but I wasn’t bowled over by the results of my first attempt. Guess I’ll just have to give it another go. 

Jennie’s flavor picks turned out lovely. In all, I thought that her toasted coconut and nutella macs were the best of the day and her mint and nutella ones were a close runner up. When we were packing up cookies to distribute, I made sure my box had mostly Jennie's macarons. I’ve been snacking on her cookies all week long and will be very sorry to eat the last of them!


  1. Great mix of flavor and great-looking macs! Banana nutella sounds amazing.

  2. The banana macs weren't bad- but then Nutella makes anything taste great!

  3. I need to have you and Jennie over to walk me through macarons. I love buying them from gourmet shops, but making them still intimidates me.

  4. @Anna I'm wondering if we've passed each other at Austin Food Blogger events. I'll be on the lookout for you at the next event so hopefully we can formally meet.