Monday, December 20, 2010

ATX Foodswappers

I recently attended the first food swap by the newly formed ATX Foodswappers. It was a blast and I left with so much good stuff, I can't wait until the next meet up (just look at that spread above). The swap was organized by Kate, of Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking, and Megan, from Stetted

A food swap is where you trade something you made for another item that someone else made and everyone finds something fun to take home. You can bring as many items to trade as you'd like. Everyone brings snacks or samples of their items to share while the swapping takes place. 

I made out like a bandit and took home baklava from Kristina at Girl Gone Grits, butterscotch sauce from Megan at Stetted, cowboy cookies from Casey at Cooking up English, chai granola from Melanie at Boxing Octopus, Christine's chutney at From Maggie's Farm, Carissa's pickled okra, Tequila Bob's dipping sauce, and Kate S.'s amazing caramels. 

To trade, I brought a medley of my current and past greatest hits:

A rendition on fougasse with mixed olives and herbes de Provence

More toasted coconut marshmallows with chocolate shavings

Coconut macarons with a chocolate ganache

My new favorite granola

Things I'm sorry to have missed:

Addie's candied orange peel

Mary's gorgeous citrus and pecans from her home garden

I can't wait till the next food swap. If you're in Portland, Brooklyn, or Minneapolis, look up your local swap on Kate's site. Or start a swap in your town and join the fun!


  1. Food swaps sound fun! All that good food....

  2. I completely missed out on this! I have to plan ahead and be ready for the next one.

  3. What a cute event!

    I've always wanted to host a dinner swap (tupperware lunches/dinners) but never got around to it.

    This seems much more manageable!

  4. Oh my goodness these goodies look amazing! How do I find out about the next one?

  5. Tiffany- It was a blast! I highly recommend joining one if you get a chance!

    Linda, Lisa, and Jodi- Ya'll have to join us next time. We had so much fun and way too much food!

  6. absolutly gorgeous
    bises from France

  7. Foodswappers...what a cute idea. I want those coconut macarons in particular :)

  8. You know Shelley, you really need to stop posting pictures on your blog, its not good for my heart rate. The page hadn't even fully loaded yet and I was already palpitating. Sooo jealous. Heading to Kate's to see about the Brooklyn now!

    PS- love the new blog design ;)

  9. Delphine and Indie- Thanks! Hope you're both having a wonderful holiday!

    Leti- Yes! You must join BK Swappers. You'd be a great addition to any swap!

  10. Shelly, what a fun event this food swap...and sure everything looks fabulous :-)

  11. I love the idea of this foodswap. I wish I had a circle of friends I could do this with, everything looks so good.
    *kisses* HH

  12. @Heavenly- You should start a food swappers group. I can just imagine how impossibly chic your creations will be!