Monday, January 23, 2012

Green Tea Fortune Cookies

Don't you just love it when you get a do-over?

So I'm going to get in a New Year's post after all... Happy Chinese New Year! It's The Year of the Dragon and according to Chinese lore, the Dragon zodiac year is the most special and is said to bring good fortune.

I learned this fact and all kinds of other good stuff in Addie's article, "The fascinating origins of fortune cookies." Good stuff like that fortune cookies didn't originate in China at all; it was actually the Japanese who created them. Japanese immigrants brought the cookies to America and sold them in the chop suey restaurants in California that served what Americans have come to know as "Chinese food."

After finishing the article, I Googled The Year of the Dragon to learn more about the zodiac sign and what it portends for the year ahead. Despite being utterly practical and rational to a fault otherwise, I love astrology.

So here's what I learned about The Year of the Dragon:

  • The dragon is the only mythological creature in the Chinese zodiac which gives it special significance.
  • The year is often associated with new beginnings.
  • Dragon years are lucky so it's a good year to start a new business, get married, or have children.
  • Dragon years are associated with prosperity.

With those good tidings in mind, Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Along with the article I mentioned above, Addie included Joanne Chang's recipe for Green Tea Fortune Cookies. I love Joanne's cookbook Flour so of course, I had to make the cookies. In a happy coincidence, I was invited to a Chinese New Year's party so they were the perfect contribution to the festivities. A fortune cookie is essentially a tuile and the batter is easy enough to make. The hard part is shaping the hot cookie into the proper form. I wound up with a few burnt finger tips but the cause was worth the sacrifice as the cookies were rich and delicious. Maybe even a little too rich- I might cut back on the butter a bit if I make another batch. I found fun fortune templates here- all you have to do is print them out and cut out the slips.


  1. I can't believe we missed these! We were earlybirds at the party on Saturday. The color from the green tea looks great. I'd love to attempt shaping fortune cookies one of these days.

  2. These look amazing!! I love green tea. I'm so impressed that these are homemade. Joanne Chang's cookbook is wonderful. It makes me wish I was a better baker:)

  3. Good gracious! Can't believe you made fortune cookies!
    I am dragon due to the year I was born. What I did not know that I was fire dragon. Have to read more about it. I do hope this year brings a lot of fresh and good starts!

  4. These looked so beautiful and delicious that I had to give the recipe a try for myself tonight -- thanks for the yummy inspiration!

  5. They look great! They look like they would be fun to make. I really like the green!

  6. I like the sounds of this Dragon Year! Your fortune cookies look so pretty and yum - they must have been fun to crack open!

  7. Wow Shelley, green tea fortune cookies? What a fun thing to bake...they look awesome.
    Hope you are having a great week, and thanks for sharing this post :)