Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Malted Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats

Happy Halloween!

I'm not exactly back to baking but I did whip up a tasty treat on the stove top. When I saw this recipe, I wondered, can you really improve on rice crispy treats? I was a little skeptical but was still game to give these bars a try since I had a rather large jar of malt powder left over from the lackluster cake I made. Despite my initial hesitancy, I really liked this iteration on the classic treat and my taste testers (Eric and my mom) gave them a thumbs up as well.

The recipe for these bars is from The Kitchn. I used natural peanut butter and unsalted, roasted peanuts but if I were to make these again, I would either double the amount of salt called for or use salted peanuts. If you use processed peanut butter, I doubt these adjustments would be necessary as I suspect it would probably have a higher salt content. Also, I used approximately 1/2 cup of peanuts instead of the 1/4 cup called for.

In other news, after much searching, I finally found the perfect Halloween costume for Ruby. Isn't my little cupcake a cutie? I could just eat her up. (I know, terrible pun.) She wasn't too crazy about the hat but she indulged mama long enough to snap a few pics. We got all dressed up for the neighborhood Little Monsters Bash last weekend and about 15 minutes after we arrived Ruby passed out and proceeded to sleep through the rest of the party. Yea for do-overs, though! I'm going to dress her up again and take her trick-or-treating to a few neighborhood homes tonight. Let's hope my sweetie (I can't help myself) stays awake this time.


  1. Love love love that little cupcake (and I'm a sucker for anything with peanuts!)...

  2. Love the costume sad face. :p

    Those bars look delicious!

  3. Ruby is such the cutie pie - the middle photo is so precious :)
    Your peanut goodness looks delicious - happy Halloween!

  4. This twist on the classic rice crispy treat sounds great with the salty peanuts.

    Ruby makes an adorable cupcake! Hope she had fun trick-or-treating.

  5. Your rice crispy treats look delish, but little Ruby takes the cake - she makes the sweetest little cupcake ever.

  6. She is so sweet and cute! And the face on the second picture:) You found the perfect costume...
    By the way, even if you dont bake anything, just keep putting her pictures :)) Rice krispies is something I have never eaten (yes ever since I came to the US)... Maybe if I make it myself???