Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We're loving our first Christmas with Ruby. Not that she knows what's going on yet, of course, but she sat in Mama's lap while I unwrapped her gifts for her.

It's amazing how much little ones change in a few short months. She's so alert now and notices everything. Ruby thinks the Christmas tree lights are the best thing ever and just stares and stares at them. I take her over to the tree every evening so she can coo over the pretty ornaments. I talk back to her in coos- she gets a kick out of it (and I do, too).

I had hoped to get around to making gingerbread men from an old favorite recipe but the days got away from me. So instead, I made gingerbread pancakes for our Christmas breakfast.

I hope you're enjoying the season and that you made Santa's "nice" list and he left you lots of good loot.



  1. sweet Ruby! Her face makes my heart melt.

    Merry Christmas, Shelley!

  2. I agree with Linda, a true heart melter. May your upcoming year be filled with precious "ruby" moments and plenty of good health and peace my friend.

  3. heart melter! what a great sentence! loved it...suits her, that's true... she is an adorable baby, lucky mama...I wish you all the best for 2013.

  4. Ruby's first Christmas sounds cute as can be. Little ones make Christmas so much fun. Merry late Christmas and Happy early New Year! (Those pancakes look fantastic with the pomegranate seeds.)

  5. I am sure your first Christmas with Ruby was just the best! There's nothing like seeing things through the eyes of a child to make you appreciate them all over again. I just love that photo of her! :) Your gingerbread pancakes look so good and the pop of color with the pomegranate seeds is beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful new year, Shelley. XO

  6. I wish both of you a great new year! I am late for Christmas wishes , sorry :(
    She looks adorable. I am sure next year's Christmas will be more fun with her opening the gifts herself.
    Happy 2013...

  7. Just catching up on your blog posts (thank god for the iPhone because who has time to use a laptop with a baby around, seriously!). Happy Holidays (belated)! She's such an adorable munchkin. The most enjoyable baby stage has begun - you'll love this new alertness & responsiveness. Wishing you lots of baby bliss and a restful holiday!

  8. Oh Shelley, Ruby is so so cute...
    Happy New Year and have a great week!